​Year 5 Camp

The Year 5’s travelled for two and half hours on the bus to their camp at Maroochydore Waterfront Camp and Conference Centre. Great fun was had by all and even the heavy rain didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits.

The students spent time working in groups making new friends, trying new things and learning the art of effective communication. Due to the weather a few more indoor activities were constructed including building towers with twisty balloons, building and joining domino tracks and competing to get the highest points in ping pong mania. While fun the activities helped students practice their skills of clear and positive communication and learnt interesting facts about each other.

After the rain eased, the students had fun in the creek alternating between stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking and a free-swimming in the iron man challenge. Playing sports in the mud was a highlight for many, especially when they were all hosed down afterwards!

The evenings were filled with beautiful worship sessions, led by Mrs Julli, and “Would you rather?” games to get to know the teachers better.

The students grew in independence, compassion and resilience. The camp staff were blown away by the culture of genuine student kindness. A wet and wonderful time was had by all and helped to foster a united Year 5 cohort.

Year 5 Teachers