Year 6 Students Enjoy Amazing Adventures at Camp Lawrence

There was much excitement and anticipation in the lead up to our Year 6 Camp. Camp Laurence did not disappoint and as soon as our feet hit the ground running, we knew we were in for an awesome time.

We were blown away by the fun-filled activities. The amazing Gorge walk with adventure at every corner, team building that taught us how to use our secret skills and work together. raft building was an absolute highlight too, and let’s just say there was some trial and error but what happens on camp, stays on camp.

With all the exercise on camp we were not surprised to find a lot of hungry humans who ran at the sound of dinner bell! The camp cooks knew what they were doing, and made the food so good that we almost didn't want to leave.

Night activities were a whole lot of fun. On the last night, we all got into our best clothes made out of the finest fabric that we could find: butcher's paper! Let’s not forget Mr Suter and Mrs Williamson in their razzle dazzle outfits, as hosts of the fashions at Camp Laurence.

As we left camp, we could not help but have a thankful heart to our teachers, parent helpers, and the staff for such a good time away. Our days on camp helped friendships form and there was a strong sense of unity amongst our year group.

On arrival back at Reedy Creek Baptist Church a bunch of tired, weary-eyed teachers and students stepped out of the bus after an amazing trip away. We headed home to comfy beds, a good night’s rest and dreams of all the adventures that had been experienced at this wonderful place - Camp Laurence.

By Bradley Adams – Year 6 Student