Year 7 Camp Kicks off Life in the Senior Learning Community

Year 7 Camp 2020, what a week! Camp was filled with so many fun activities that pushed us to our limits. These activities included catapult building, crate stacking, shelter building, rock climbing, canoeing, and the famous giant swing. The survival camp was a great way to start high school. On Wednesday morning, 140 shy and nervous students boarded the bus. However, as soon as we boarded the bus our confidence started to grow, and we excitedly waited for our arrival at Camp Warrawee. After a two hour bus trip up the M1, we were greeted by the smiling camp staff, and got our first taste of the green wonderland we would call home for the next three days.

The first thing we needed to do was create chants and designs for our new Life Group tribes. Following team bonding we started a long day of activities. Our favourite activity was shelter building, which put our teamwork and survival skills to the test. We also enjoyed attempting to make fire using flint and steel, which proved to be much more difficult than our experience in Minecraft. After a tough afternoon, our efforts were rewarded with golden sweet damper that we made with our own hands from scratch. In the evenings we had the opportunity to cool down in the camp pool where we spent a really enjoyable hour before heading back to our cabins for a hard-earned sleep.

Our second day of camp went really fast. We built boats, climbed high, flew on the giant swing, and learned more about ourselves and our new Life Groups. Through the completion of each activity, our relationships grew. Camp was a unique and important experience for each of us. Although we were a little anxious, we felt a lot stronger when we finished. 

We are now ready for the school year!

By Tahlia Dewsbury, Olivia Soegaard, Annabelle Burrett and Willow Layton
Year 7 students