International ESL Program

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Hillcrest Christian College offers an excellent level of English support to International students at all year levels.

At Hillcrest, ESL (English as a Second Language) is offered as a timetabled subject in the Secondary College, affording the same hours of study as mainstream subjects: 4 x 50 minutes lessons each week. Primary students attend ESL for 6 x 50 minute lessons per week.

Unlike ELICOS Colleges where students are removed from mainstream English speaking students, International students at Hillcrest are immersed in an English-speaking environment from their first day. This language saturation strategy improves the student’s listening and speaking skills at a much higher rate. Upon arrival at the College, students are required to undertake a School English Placement Test to determine their English levels, and are placed appropriately into one of the three ESL classes, whereby more concentrated and specialist tuition is provided for them.

These classes are:

  • Primary Integration Program
  • Junior Low Intermediate Program (ESLA)
  • Intermediate Program (ESLB)
  • Senior Advanced Program (ESLC)

Students with advanced language ability may enter the mainstream course without ESL support. The aim of our ESL Program is to prepare and move students into the mainstream as soon as they are ready.

Entry Requirements

Primary Integration Program No pre-requisites
Junior Low Intermediate Program (ESLA) NLLIA Bandscale Level 2 (IELTS 4)
Intermediate Program (ESLB) NLLIA Bandscale Level 3 (IELTS 4.5)
Senior Advanced Program (ESLC) NLLIA Bandscale Level 4+ (IELTS 5)

International Students Support (ISS) Classes

ISS classes provide students with a forum in which they can receive additional assistance with homework, assignments and exam preparation, with a view to them successfully fulfilling the requirements of their mainstream subjects. Junior and Senior Secondary ISS classes are compulsory. Tuition in small groups with individual teacher attention - 3 hours per week at no additional cost.

Students are supported in the following ways:

  • Ensuring awareness of due dates for assessment tasks and exams are met.
  • Assistance with the development of good time management, organisational and study skills.
  • Explaining assessment criteria in simple language and scaffolding of assignments to ‘get students started’.
  • Checking drafts/assignments for correct grammar, sentence structure and direction.
  • Checking that homework requirements are being fulfilled.
  • Keeping teachers of mainstream subjects informed of student’s progress.

Heads of Faculty and classroom teachers are invited to the ISS classes as required to clarify assessment tasks and to provide additional assistance to the International students in understanding their assessment tasks.

It has been noted that students who attend ISS classes and make effective use of this time have shown a marked improvement in their academic studies.