International Homestay

Hillcrest Christian College approves the following accommodation options for overseas students:

  • The student will live with a parent as permitted by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection
  • The student will live with a relative as permitted by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection
  • The student will live in College approved accommodation – Homestay Program operated by external homestay provider or private accommodation arrangements approved by the College.

An integral element of the International Student Program is the experience of living with an Australian family. Providing the overseas student with a safe, supportive and nurturing home during their enrolment is of high priority to us at Hillcrest Christian College.

The Homestay experience not only provides the student with a family environment but immerses them in the Australian culture and reinforces and extends the English language lessons studied at the College. Experience has shown that students who are immersed in the English language by living with an English speaking family develop their English language skills at an accelerated rate.

It is College policy to work cooperatively with our Homestay families to facilitate a successful experience for both the student and family. The Director of the International Student Department oversees the College Homestay Program.

Homestay Application Forms will be forwarded with the Letter of Offer and Written Agreement.

For further information please contact the Director – International Student Department

Please return completed forms to the International Department:

Hillcrest Christian College
PO Box 2503
Burleigh MDC QLD 4220

“I’ve been living in Australia for the last four years… They (my Homestay family) always involved me in their family life and when I was in Year 10 my host family and I went to New Zealand to celebrate my host father’s mother’s 90th birthday. It made me feel like I’m part of their family. When I think about it, it’s been a happy part of my life, living with an Australian family. It just takes a little bit of time to understand each other’s culture and to adjust to different way of life.”