Junior Learning Community

A community of Joy, Learning and Christian focus combining to strive towards “Excellence in Christ”.

The Junior Learning Community lays the educational foundation and provides a safe and caring environment that focuses on the holistic growth of the student socially, emotionally, physically and academically. It knows the importance of knowing your child and developing relationships with your whole family.

Every child is unique with the potential to not only succeed in attaining individual goals but also to make a difference in society; using their gifts and abilities to serve God and their community. We believe that children have an immense capacity to learn if their strengths and needs are identified and addressed.

The Junior Learning Community provides a supportive learning environment and a balanced curriculum and co-curricular program. Along with core learning areas, all students from Prep to Year 6 have specialised Music, French, Design and Technology and Physical Education lessons. Opportunities are also available to engage in additional programs of Chess, Speech and Drama and other specialised interest areas.

Our Gifted and Talented program in the Junior Learning Community consists of two arms; the full-time gifted and talented program and a selection of short courses across the various subject disciplines. Highly and exceptionally gifted students require a substantially different program to the regular curriculum. The full-time gifted and talented program is available for Years 3-6, on a needs basis. Screening for the full-time program begins from the preparatory years as student profiles are formed, and develop further in Years 1 and 2. Our short courses are condensed units of highly engaging work whereby qualifying students, who need extension and enrichment in a particular area of interest or ability, can participate.

‘In the Beginning’ is our new Prep-2 Campus which is under construction and due to open in Term 4, 2016. It consists of twelve state-of-the-art learning spaces in the design of a castle and is complimented by unique age-appropriate playgrounds. The vibrant and flexible learning spaces will encompass both indoor and outdoor areas. Retractable doors, break out spaces and modern furniture and play equipment will build an environment that enhances curiosity and creativity. The location, landscape and chosen built materials will allow students to feel confident and safe, engage in open-ended learning experiences and use their imagination to connect with nature as they would have ‘in the beginning’.

Joyfully serving our Hillcrest community as we strive for excellence and aim to be better tomorrow than we were today.