Junior Learning Community

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A community of joy, learning and a Christian focus that all strives towards Excellence in Christ.

Our Junior Learning Community (JLC) lays the educational foundation and provides a safe and caring environment that focuses on the holistic growth of every student socially, emotionally, physically and academically. Every child is a unique creation, and has the potential to reach their personal aspirations, and make a difference in society by using their gifts and abilities to serve God.

The JLC provides a supportive learning environment and a balanced curriculum and cocurricular program. Along with core learning areas, students from Prep - Year 6 have specialised Music, French, Design and Technology and Physical Education lessons. Students can also engage in additional programs including Chess, Speech and Drama, and various other interest areas. We also offer a Gifted and Talented program for highly-gifted students, including a full-time Gifted and Talented program and a selection of part-time short courses - Read more about our Gifted and Talented programs.

We believe that children have an immense capacity to learn if their strengths and needs are identified and addressed.

JLC Facilities

Our new Prep - Year 2 Castle Precinct provides an innovative and unique learning experience for our Junior students. The Castle consists of twelve state-of-the-art learning spaces in the design of a castle, and includes vibrant and flexible learning spaces that encompass both indoor and outdoor areas. Retractable doors, break out spaces, modern furniture, quiet zones, and interactive play equipment, all create an environment that enhances curiosity and sparks creativity. The classroom design fosters an atmosphere where students feel confident and safe, and eager to engage in open-ended learning experiences.

Our Years 5-6 Precinct is also a new facility which caters for older students in our Junior Learning Community. The Precinct provides an innovative, purpose-built environment that inspires excitement and curiosity. It features an expansive open-learning area and breakout rooms, including a sound studio, green-room, Skype room, Maker Space, media room, café and quiet study area. There is a strong focus on Design-Centred Learning (DCL) in The Precinct which engages students in tasks and assessments that involve solving a problem for a real-world audience.

Our JLC students also participate in a skills-based program, focussing on interpersonal, social and communication skills, and equipping them to be successful both at school and beyond.

Joyfully serving our Hillcrest community as we strive for excellence and aim to be better tomorrow than we were today.