An integral aspect of the International Learning Community Program at Hillcrest Christian College is the experience of living within the safe and supportive structure of an Australian family. This experience is more than an extension of the classroom. Within a caring homestay, students are exposed to the three R’s – relationship, responsibility and respect. The life skills that are learnt within an Australian homestay can lead to success far beyond academic achievements. The homestay experience can both reinforce and extend the language lessons studied at the College. Students who are immersed in the English language by virtue of living amongst English speaking people, have shown to increase in their language proficiency at a much more rapid rate. At Hillcrest Christian College, it is our intention to work cooperatively with our homestay families to facilitate a successful experience for both student and family.

Benefits of Homestay
Key features of the Homestay experience include:
  • A safe and stable environment in an English-speaking Homestay
  • Three meals a day
  • Own bedroom with storage space, and a quiet place to study
  • Inclusion in family activities
  • Use of internet for studies and communication
  • Transport during the week and on weekends to the level that is offered their own children
  • Assistance with English through family conversation and discussions
  • Emotional support during settling-in period.

The College works very closely with our Homestay families and international students, to facilitate a successful experience for all involved.

Accommodation Options
Hillcrest Christian College approves the following accommodation options for our International students:
  1. The student will live with a parent, as permitted by the Department of Home Affairs
  2. The student will live with a relative, as permitted by the Department of Home Affairs
  3. The student will live in a College-approved accommodation:
    •  Homestay family approved by the College 
    •  Private accommodation arrangements approved by the College.

An integral element of the International Student Program is the experience of living with an Australian family. Providing international students with a safe, supportive and nurturing home during their enrolment is a high priority to our College.

It is College policy to work closely and cooperatively with our Homestay families to facilitate a successful experience for both the student and family.

Contact Details

Wendy Chidambaram
International Operations Manager

Office hours: 07 5655 0950
Email: international@hillcrest.qld.edu.au