2019 Kokoda Challenge Training

On Saturday, 8 June, a group of fit Hillcrest staff and students completed a tough 25km walk from Syd Duncan Park at Beechmont, to Nerang National Park, as part of their intensive training regime for the upcoming 2019 Kokoda Challenge.

The countdown is now on for our 16 brave students and 4 teacher leaders, who will each trek 48km or 96km through the rough Gold Coast Hinterland terrain during the Kokoda Challenge event, to raise funds for the Kokoda Youth Foundation.

The Kokoda Youth Foundation exists to spread awareness of the heroic defense of Australia against imminent invasion and the spirit of our young soldiers, and in doing so instils the Kokoda values of courage, endurance, mateship and sacrifice, into the community and youth of today. The spirit of Kokoda demonstrates that when we work together, look out for each other, and show commitment to a task, things that at first seemed impossible, suddenly become achievable.

We are excited to see our Hillcrest team members achieve the personal goals they have set for themselves, and we will be praying for a safe and successful journey.