Hillcrest Students Celebrate National Science Week

Junior Learning Community Thursday 17 August 2017

To celebrate National Science Week, JLC students were invited to a series of lunchtime activities focused on different scientific concepts. We were excited to see around 40 students pack into the classrooms each day, to engage in the interactive learning opportunities.

On Monday, students explored the world of electricity by creating a series of simple circuits to turn on a light, make a fan spin, and create a range of different sounds.

On Tuesday, we have fun creating and using static electricity. Students were able to stick balloons to the wall and their bodies, make their hair stand on end, separate pepper from salt, push cans along the table and pick up tiny scraps of paper, all by charging balloons and plastic sticks with static electricity.

On Thursday during morning tea, students engaged in some ‘messy’ activities to explore a wide range of general scientific concepts.

The rooms were abuzz with energy and excitement all week, and it was so good to see our young students applying their problem solving and communication skills.