Hillcrest's Inaugural Founders' Day Celebrations

Community News Tuesday 24 October 2017

On Sunday, 23 October, Reedy Creek Baptist Church held a Founders Day service in the Hillcrest MPC. It was wonderful to have many members of the Church and College community attend this special occasion, and enjoy the talents of our student performers during the service. It was a time to reflect on our humble school beginnings in a church hall, and the tireless efforts of our founders, and community members over the past 35 years, who have all contributed to the success that Hillcrest has experienced in growing to become one of the biggest schools on the Gold Coast. Many Reedy Creek Baptist Church members also enjoyed a tour of our campus and were amazed by the incredible facilities we now have for our students.

On the morning of Monday, 24 October, we held an assembly for our students from Years 6-12 to share with them the story of our past, and educate them on the founders of the school who showed incredible tenacity and commitment to developing Hillcrest Christian College. This was a very special and significant ceremony, and reminded our students of the dedication and commitment it took from many people, to build our College from the ground up and create the amazing school they all enjoy today.

This event was also the perfect opportunity to officially open our three government-funded buildings that have been constructed over the last two years, with each one named after some important past and present members of our College community: The Linda Richmond Prep Centre; The Don Sinclair Castle Administration Centre; and the Hardy STEM Centre.

Students enjoyed the historic photo montage and videos, which helped them visualise the original school grounds, with its single school building and no playgrounds, and the early students in their old-fashioned school uniforms. Many students were amazed to learn about our history, and now have a greater understanding of the sacrifices made for this College to come to a reality.

During this event, we also opened the 25-year-old time capsule, which produced some interesting artifacts. The contents will be displayed in the Library for everyone to look at. We are now considering how to prepare for the next 25 year celebration.