JLC Precinct Gardens Take Shape

Junior Learning Community Thursday 14 September 2017

Stage one of The Precinct Gardens and Surrounds is now heading towards completion as many students and teachers of the JLC have been working hard on various aspects of the project. The P&F and school funds have enabled the ramp to be revamped, and The Fruits of the Spirit and Creation story to be depicted on wall murals.

Twelve large and five small garden plots have been assembled, and planted out with a variety of edible and decorative plants. One bed features a garden of plants made from recycled plastics posing the question: "Which would you prefer?"

The chickens that hatched in Kindy this year are growing fast, and are enjoying time in the 'Happy Hens' pen.

As this stage heads towards completion, planning is now underway to progress with stage two. Be sure to come and check out our work so far, and purchase our garden produce once it is available in Term 4.