Year 5 Students Get Creative with Art Workshops

Junior Learning Community Wednesday 13 September 2017

This term, the Year 5 cohort were involved in a series of art workshops that provided a great opportunity for each student to choose the element of art they preferred to participate in.

Under the guidance of SLC Art teachers, Mrs Miles and Miss Marrable, one group had the privilege of creating an artwork that will be used to decorate the Commonwealth Games Village dormitories, using acrylic paint on canvas.

The second group painted too but their task was to create a panel for the precinct ramp with a theme that depicted the 5th day of creation.

The hammering of nails could be heard from Miss Moore’s group as these brave students constructed 3D nail art that depicted various Olympic symbols. They used nails of various sizes and lengths which were then hammered into their boards to create their 3D design. The focus of this unit was to make art accessible for everyone regardless of their physical limitations.

The fourth group continued with the Olympic / Commonwealth Games theme to construct a pictorial montage. Students researched a sport or sportsperson, and created a visual story that depicted the history and achievements of their chosen topic. They learnt techniques such as layering, mounting and focal points, to present an informative, creative and aesthetically-pleasing artwork.