Year 3s Learn About Australia's Aboriginal Heritage

Australia has a rich culture extending back beyond the time of colonisation, and our Year 3 students enjoyed the chance to learn about Australia’s Aboriginal heritage during their excursion to the Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre on Tuesday 4, and Wednesday 5 June, 2019. Students were captivated by the dance, song and didgeridoo demonstrations given by the Aboriginal performers which told stories about the returning boomerang and the eagle. We learned about the importance of respecting knowledge and elders, and the way this culture of respect has been maintained by the Aboriginal tribes through their interactions with each other, the land and their neighbouring tribes.

After an insightful question and answer time, we embarked on a walk along the Burleigh Headland, where we began to see the land and environment around us as more than just trees and beautiful scenery. Thick leaves became baskets as we pulled out fibre from the insides, rocks and mountains came alive through dreamtime stories and tree trunks became didgeridoos and boomerangs. The students came away with a greater respect and awareness of the land around them, and a greater appreciation and knowledge of Australia’s Aboriginal culture.