Hillcrest Original Graduates Bond Law

Senior Learning Community Monday 13 February 2017

Hillcrest Prep original, Jaimee-Lee Jessop, graduated from Bond University with a Law degree on Saturday, 11 February, having been a Hillcrest Primary Captain and then graduating in 2013 as a Prefect, winner of the Modern History prize for Years 10 to 12 and a recipient of the College’s Character & Service Award in Years 9, 10 and 12.

During her studies at Bond University, Jaimee-Lee received awards for Excellence in Succession Law, Leadership & Service in Community Legal Services, and Service in Queensland’s Domestic Violence Courts.

While gaining valuable practical experience as a law clerk at Bosscher Lawyers in the area of criminal law (a position she has held since August, 2016), Jaimee-Lee is currently completing her Practitioner Legal Training Post Graduate course and expects to be admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland in early June this year. This will be when she can truly be called a ‘legal eagle’!

It is wonderful to see Hillcrest students, like Jaimee-Lee, who thoroughly enjoyed her study of Hillcrest’s Humanities and Social Sciences subjects, notably Legal Studies, History and Business, now on the threshold of forging a career in the real world. Jaimee-Lee is currently focussing on criminal defence law, although she would love to have the opportunity of working alongside barristers in international criminal law cases, including the prosecution of war criminals. Anything, God willing, is possible when our students don’t settle for asking, “Why?”, but passionately persevere in the pursuit of “Why not?!”.

David Owens, Legal Studies Coordinator