SLC House Camps Cement our 2020 Focus on Unity

In 2020, our Years 8 - 12 students started their school year by attending House camps in various locations across South East Queensland and Northern NSW. These camps provided the perfect opportunity for new students to get to know their House peers, and for our students to reconnect after the Christmas break. Read an account from each of our House camps below.

View Carmichael Camp Photos

Carmichael House headed to the mountains and into the wild for House Camp 2020. Thunderbird Park at Mount Tamborine was the destination to be at for all things Carmichael. After a short bus ride up through the hinterland, we arrived among the wilderness and wildlife (including a giant Pterodactyl guarding its Thunder Eggs). Students bunked in wooden cabins with old friends and new, making the space their own within minutes – clothes and gear scattered everywhere, combined with that distinct teenager aroma. Unfortunately only select staff enjoyed air-conditioned bungalows and luxury bush lodges to contend with for the three days.

Students and staff alike enjoyed a range of outdoor activities run by the awesome staff at Thunderbird Park and Tree Tops, including the high ropes Tree Top Challenge course, the down and dirty Mud Challenge Course, Raft and Catapult Building and Laser Skirmish battles. These activities were prime opportunities for Carmichael students and staff to bond together, to be challenged and have fun. The Thunderbird Park staff were blow away by the great behaviour and positive attitudes of our students, claiming them to be some of the best students groups they have ever had the privileged of hosting. The secret creek waterhole also proved to be a excellent little discovery for cooling off in, especially for Mr Baddeley and the senior boys – at all hours of the day and night. A special treat for all was the late night campfire with this obligatory marshmallow roasting, in which someone thought we might need to use a fire extinguisher to put out. All of which happened under the watchful eyes of the kookaburras, goannas and a million mozzies.

We enjoyed great meals and catering fit for a wedding, with table cloths and matching cutlery, with a ‘bridal table’ for the teachers at the front of the Sapphire Room, and newly-purchased water coolers to help hydrate and beat the heat. Our fearless Year 12 leaders ran and lead some awesome events such as the highly competitive Trivia Night, impromptu rave party, and our quintessential War Cry Battle!

Carmichael House also spent time exploring the bible, having worship and sharing together. Nic, Paris and Jaden shared some outstanding devotions with the group and Life Group leaders encouraged and inspired Life Group for the year ahead. Looking at the theme of the Armour of God in Ephesians 6, and unpacking the values we wish to exhibit through the lens of the Hillcrest Shield, was the focus of our life sessions. The theme and idea of a Shield Wall for Carmichael House – that is, we all stand together, shoulder to shoulder, increasing our collective strength and having a common Faith, was explored. We even got our Tik Tok groove on and learned the ‘Armour of God’ dance – good times!

A huge thanks to House Captains Eva and Mackie, all the Year 12 leaders and wonderful Carmichael staff for making House Camp 2020 such a legendary event for all of our highly-valued students. Carmichael House Camp was an awesome start to our school year and in the words of Amy Carmichael, of which we are her namesake: It is better to burn out, than to rust out! 

Carmichael – Raise the Shield Wall, hold the front line! We hold this wall together, our hearts will never sink! 

Damien Taylor
Head of Carmichael House

View Flynn Camp Photos

At 7.30 am, on a beautiful Wednesday, 29 January, over a hundred Flynnies boarded the buses for the annual House Camp. The long bus ride to Mapleton proved to be more than worth it as we were blessed with an incredible venue at QCCC Mapleton. The large green spaces, the tennis and outdoor courts, the bonfire and outdoor cinema screen were already highly anticipated as places to be during free time and night activities. It was, however, the air-conditioned rooms and the resort-style pool area, inclusive of two waterslides, that students and staff alike were most thankful for after a hot two days of outdoor activities.

The range of outdoor education activities provided opportunities to learn new skills and challenge fears. During Bush Skills, students learned how to make a fire and cook damper; in Abseiling, many students overcame their nervousness of heights as they challenged themselves to take on the taller course; Life Groups worked together to hoist peers up the tree staples en route to the Flying Fox; trust was developed and practiced through the Low Ropes as students were responsible for supporting and catching their peers tackling the course; while on the Giant Swing, Mrs Lavigne’s soprano scream pierced the blue skies; Mr Harris and Mr Fernance bravely climbed the Leap of Faith, while Ms Ryan showed incredible courage taking on the activity.

Time and time again, Flynn students demonstrated the school values in action: the courage, respect and encouragement during camp activities and the acts of service during meal times were beautiful moments to witness. Our Life Sessions touched on these values as we explored the Armor of God – including an unforgettable dance battle – and the Hillcrest Shield. Of the seven school values, Flynn House is focusing on service for 2020. Jesus Himself, the Son of God, 'came not to be served but to serve' (Matthew 20:26-28) and He set a powerful example when He washed His disciples’ feet. Flynn students and staff were challenged to consider what they could give, how they could serve the community and beyond, while at Hillcrest.

A massive thank you to the Mapleton staff, our Flynn teachers, the House Captain and our Year 12 leaders for an incredible House camp! It was a fantastic start of the year and just the beginning of a phenomenal 2020 for Flynn House.

Jennifer Lavigne
Head of Flynn House

View Greene Camp Photos

This year Greene House made the trip to Tyalgum for camp to kickstart the year. Tyalgum is a picturesque spot, and occupies a small region about 30 minutes from Murwillumbah in Northern NSW, overlooking the mountains and Mt Warning. 

At this magnificent location, students were able to get out in the environment and enjoy some amazing activities including bush walking, high ropes, flying fox, archery, canoeing and even a cookout, where they all enjoyed making damper. Despite it being hot, everyone approached our annual Tribal wars enthusiastically, with each Life Group battling it out in a variety of challenges that involved teamwork and endurance. Oh, and yes, some Life Groups got a little messy in our bucket challenge - involving spaghetti, baked beans and green-coloured water (ask your child about this one!). Congratulations to GD who were the overall winner of this year’s Tribal wars. 

Night activities involved our senior students running some games and conducting a trivia night with some tricky questions that had many people stumped. Well done to Greene B who were crowned the overall Trivia Masters this year, although it was good to see all Life Groups working together to answer questions. A big thank you to Cassandra Prior, Kalindi Porter and Toby Wagener from Year 12 for hosting the trivia night.

As Greene’s Head of House, I was really encouraged to see students being willing to share what is important to them. It was great to see Shelby, Charlotte and Amity talk about passages in the bible that they have been able to apply to their own lives. These devotions created some interesting discussion for the Life Groups on the armour of God, and the values of integrity, respect, courage, humility, service, diligence and discernment.

Overall, we are all looking forward to another year of growth in Greene House, where we continue to build a strong house culture. We have great students in our House and through the many connections that were made on camp, this year promises to be filled with Greene House successes and fellowship.
Dale Adams
Head of Greene House

View Taylor Camp Photos

This year Taylor House headed to Lake Ainsworth for camp. Our three days away together were a great way to begin this new year as a House, building relationships with each other, learning more about God and growing in our faith. On the first day we competed in our Life Groups in our annual camp tribal wars, which consisted of mini games run by the Taylor Year 12 cohort. Later that night we had our first worship and devotion time which was then followed by a trivia night run again by the Year 12s.

The second day of camp arrived, and in our activity groups we participated in outdoor activities facilitated by the amazing Lake Ainsworth staff. After a big day of activities, we settled in for a second night session of worship and a student-led devotion. We then split into our Year levels and played a mass game of glow in the dark capture the flag, of which the Year 11s came out triumphant. As our final day of camp began, we all packed our bags and took part in our final round of outdoor activities. After enjoying what we all agreed was the best meal on camp - burger and chips - we thanked the camp staff and headed back home ready for the weekend.

Thank you to all the teachers, students and especially Year 12s for making Taylor camp 2020 a very memorable experience, and a great start to the year!

Zali Welsh and Lachlan Watt
Taylor House Captains